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  • Research: As a prospective buyer, whether for residential, holiday or personal use, do your research and start with identifying and looking at all locations of interest, browsing properties for sale of interest and within your realistic budget. Consider both your short and long term plans and the main motivation for buying
  • Finance: Many prospective buyers start out with property viewings whilst turning a blind eye to the issue of how to finance the property, the mentality being ´we´ll organize it if we find something´. This is the wrong thing to do. Don’t waste time and lose your dream property to another buyer who IS ready to pounce! (For further details on finance see here)
  • Viewings: With finance in place and a clear idea of the type of property you like, it is time to organize property inspections on all the properties that match your criteria. An astute buyer will take notes for each property to later compare, such as property surroundings ( Is it close to the shops, or to a noisy factory etc.), the neighbours (which could have a large effect on your decision), the room sizes, views etc.
  • Making an offer: When you´ve found that right property you can discuss putting an offer forward with your sales agent. The agent will then take this offer and negotiate with the seller to offer you the property as the lowest price. Once a price is agreed the buyer pays a small reservation deposit to the agent to secure the property. An ´option to buy´ contract is then drawn up with the conditions of sales detailed, to be signed by both parties, i.e. the buyer and seller.
  • Legal: An independent lawyer (than also that of the vendor) will be recommended to you to coordinate and finalize the sale between all parties, with your best interests. It is the responsibility of the lawyer to ensure that all searches on the property are conducted prior to purchase and the property is delivered to you with a clean title deed, free of any debts or encumbrances. The lawyer will also responsibly handle the transfer and payment of all necessary taxes and fees to be paid by you the buyer.
  • Payment: Concurrently with the offer process, each client has to prepare the necessary funds to be transferred in accordance with the payment conditions as per ´option to buy´ contract. In the case a Spanish mortgage is being taken, the client or agent has to arrange with the bank all necessary paperwork to be ready for the estimated date of completion, as stipulated in the ‘option to buy’ contract.
  • Owner responsibilities: From the day of signing the title deed you will be the official owner of the property. Your agent and lawyer will alert you to immediate costs, such as home insurance, community fees, water etc., along with the annual taxes and charges applicable such as council tax (I.B.I.), non –resident income tax declaration, and wealth tax. These will be your responsibility to pay (most can be set up by direct debit)
  • After-sales: As the agent with the reputation of being most committed to client care, our team will always be at hand to help you with any quandary that might come your way. We´ll assist with translation issues, phone/TV installation, recommendations of good workers etc.
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